Our Philosophy

Inside Us ® is a global executive coaching firm, with a highly select team of experienced coaches located throughout five continents, speaking more than 13 languages. We strive to be best in class within our field, offering highly customized and sophisticated coaching services. We are the trusted coaching partner to the world’s leading corporations, businesses and institutions.

We coach exclusively at senior executive level, empowering business leaders and their teams to make distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements to their performance. We tackle their most difficult issues and serious challenges. We work selectively with companies who value long term partnerships – positively and irrefutably impacting their business.

We listen. We understand business. We are open, courageous, and empathetic, in coaching leaders to improve their performance.  We hold the mirror up to our clients in creating acute awareness of themselves, their internal drivers and strengths, and how to align this with their leadership behavior – in delivering exceptional results through the organization.

We focus on recognizing and harnessing their potential.

Above all, we want them to be more of themselves, without ego or persona. In short, to become authentic leaders.

We seek to be positive agents of change — for our clients, our people, and society more broadly.

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