Tülin Kahvecioðlu

Tülin coaches successful senior executives at leading global and national corporations in Turkey and in Europe.  While the world is changing tremendously,Tulin supports global executives in possessing the balance between being powerful and challenging leaders while becoming more intuitive and insightful people. Tülin works in a direct and intimate fashion with her clients, helping them discover and enforce their own leadership skills. Transforming from individuals wary of change to stronger leaders who face challenges head on, Tulin’s clients are enlightened in an organic fashion through passion and dedication for improving every aspect of their business life.

Recent Coaching Assignments

  • CEO  of a leading industrial oil company working to incorporate behavioural change into his current role, using stress control tools and developing a more flexible and inspriational leadership style
  • Head of Training Departmant and her team in a very fast growing airline company challenged by internal and external conditions to sharpen leadership skills, create effective communication between team members and internal clients, and use creativity for stress management
  • Senior Manager of a major textile company working on negotiation skills, behavioral  changes and management style, in lieu of the cultural transformation within the company
  • Board members of an IT company creating conscious, intentional and effective relationships, better team understanding, solving relationship issues, reaching peak performance with communication
  • Director of a pharmaceutical company  developing behavioral transformation to lead different talents in the team, enhance the leadership skills, improving awareness with application of Emotional Intelligence

Education and Professional Qualifications

  • License Degree in Management and Planning – Ankara University, Turkey
  • PCC Level certification approved by International Coaching Federation
  • Advanced Diploma in Executive and Team Coaching, Erickson College, Canada
  • Mentor of Erickson Coaching School
  • Advance Diploma in Organization & Relationship Systems Coaching, Center for Right Relationships (CRR, ORSC), USA
  • Member, International Coach Federation

Coaching Signature

Tulin takes active ownership of her strong, intuitive coaching style along with her deep interest in developmental psychology. Her internationally recognized trainings and her never ending curiosity toward her own professional development is reflected by the passion she infuses in her coaching. Tülin helps her clients reach their highest potantial by quiting or eliminating old habits and patterns that do not serve them and replacing them with new habits, mobilized for success. In setting and reaching new, high targets with her clients, Tulin creates a comfortable, results oriented partership within her coaching relationships.

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