Vivian James Rigney

Vivian has developed the Peak Performance Coaching model through years of best-practice coaching experience and has been delivering it to successful business leaders and executives around the world for more than 15 years. Prior to coaching, he built a career as a P&L owner for multinational companies, creating global teams and understanding through personal experience the connection between successful C-suite leadership and the elements of trust, authenticity, effective communication and emotional intelligence.  Vivian has lived and worked in the United States, Germany, France, the UK, South Africa and Finland. He is based in New York City.

Recent Coaching Assignments

Vivian has coached clients at some of the world’s leading brands in finance, healthcare, luxury consumer goods, technology, and a host of other industries. He is typically called in to coach high-performing, high-value C-suite executives, as well as high-potential MD- and VP-level managers.

Some recent coaching assignments include:

  • CEO of an international financial services company to improve effectiveness at both managing his team’s development and managing upwards with his board
  • Executive Vice President of a large global technology company to prepare for a CEO succession plan, including board gravitas, smoother strategic decision-making, and cross-departmental leadership
  • Global Vice President of a leading pharmaceutical company to support her new position and influence at board level
  • Managing Director of an international investment bank to augment his operational talents with better communication and relationship skills for greater impact and connection with key stakeholders
  • Senior Vice President of Marketing for a major consumer products company to develop behavioral flexibility with different audiences, particularly international, improving awareness of and application of emotional intelligence within her leadership style

Vivian also facilitates high-impact executive leadership workshops, such as:

  • Executive leadership team of a global fintec company to redesign their operating model for more effective team engagement
  • Finance team of a renowned humanitarian foundation to improve performance through increased trust and collaboration

Education & Professional Qualifications

  • Advanced Diploma Executive Coaching Mastery, Kudos, Oxford, UK
  • Certification in Coaching, ITS, London, UK (International Coaching Federation accredited)
  • Masters in NLP Applied Psychology, ITS, London, UK
  • Managing Teams for Innovation and Success, Stanford University – Executive Education
  • Influence and Negotiation Strategies Program, Stanford University – Executive Education
  • Best Practices in Leadership Program, Harvard Business School – Executive Education
  • MBA – International Business and Finance, École Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, Paris, France
  • MII Marketing, Dublin Business School, Ireland

Coaching Signature

Vivian has an open, direct, and intuitive, yet empathetic coaching style, with an emphasis on developing strong trust and rapport with his clients. His coaching challenges thinking, behavior and attitudes, towards sustainable change in performance and results. The phrase, “It’s lonely at the top,” is often an understated reality. Creating a non-judgmental and thought-provoking space, he brings humor and curiosity in allowing individuals to become the best version of themselves and leading effectively through this.

As a mountaineer, Vivian has successfully climbed the highest peaks on all seven Continents – most recently Asia’s Mount Everest. This has been a particularly challenging, humbling and rewarding journey – one that links powerfully with his coaching in facing challenges through personal accountability and growth.

“It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.”

~Edmund Hillary

Contact Information

Tel: +1-212-922-0931
Mobile: +1-646-684-5353

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